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Visit Our House Of Wisdom Ministries Webpage.

To Get Church Service Times And Learn More About Our Ministries.

Some Of The Services We Provide

General Education Development

Enrollment into the GED program gives individuals the opportunity to learn the basic educational skills(reading, writing, and math) while academically building confidence towards learning new and more challenging educational concepts.

Employment/Work Place Prep/Life Skills

This module teaches individuals how to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, building personal and professional confidence in the workplace and educates individuals on workplace behavior. Individuals will also learn how to market themselves and their skills via resume writing, interviewing, business and work place attire, communication and teamwork exercises.

Business Administration

The Business Admin module will prepare you for a career in business management. This module teaches management skills that can be applied in the real-world. You will learn to use software such as, microsoft Office to succeed in today's environment. Gain the confidence and interviewing skills necessary to attain an entry-level position.

Computer Training

The computer training module will educate individuals in various computer-related topics, including software, hardware, database management, programming, networking and more.

Environmental Services

The environmental services module will assist you in health care personnel training. More information about this module coming soon.

Carpenter Apprenticeship

Our Apprentice Training Program combines hands-on classroom education by qualified instructors with on-the-job training. Beginning with basic math, measurements, and other pre-technical and basic industrial skills training, the curriculum in the Carpenter Apprentice Training program provides students with the fundamental practices and techniques they'll need to master as a successful carpenter.

Active And Future Projects

Initiated by Pastor Upendo Parker, "Project 2019" is a collaborative vision with Getting Involved To Make A Difference and The House of Wisdom Ministries, to strengthen our community by providing essential programs and services.
  • Child Care Center
  • Educational Academy
  • Expungement Program
  • Computer Technical Center
  • Job Development
  • Food Pantry
  • Screenings & Vaccinations

Upcoming Events

Please check back later for information about upcoming events.

Our mission is to provide stable and structured housing, job training, placement and life management skills to the social disadvantaged from all walks of life. Our goal is to empower individuals to re-enter the community as responsible, sober, and employed successes.

  • General Education Development
  • Employment/Work Place Prep/Life Skills
  • Business Administration Training
  • Computer Training
  • Environmental Services Training
  • Carpenter Apprenticeship
Our Office Location
  • 773-599-3618
  • uparker@gettinginvolved.org


I had a great time at the bowling event. And I love what they're doing for the children.
R. Williamswww.howintl.org

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